Our bespoke, handmade sofas are some of our finest work, and we’re incredibly proud of the hundreds of custom sofas we have crafted. Each sofa is made to our customer’s specifications, and they’re all truly unique, a reflection of the individual who commissioned them and tailor-made down to the most delicate details. There’s 40 sofa designs, all made to any size as a sofa, corner sofa, chaise sofa or sofa bed. 

In this gallery, you will find examples of some of our luxury bespoke sofas handmade in our own UK workshop.  Here you can gain a good impression of the quality of craftsmanship and what we can achieve when it comes to creating luxury, handmade furniture. Simply scroll through the images below to find your inspiration.

Visit our Potters Bar showroom to view our range of bespoke sofas and explore all the available options.


For more information on our bespoke sofas and the services we provide please call us on 01707 661919 or get in touch below.