Eichholtz Furniture & Accessories: Brand Spotlight

Eichholtz Brand Spotlight Oozing style and sophistication, Eichholtz is an internationally well-known designer brand, in the world of furniture and accessories. The brand personifies glamour, opulence and deceptive comfort all rolled into one. It’s the little touches of finesse, and the matching accessories that make the Eichholtz brand so iconic. History of Eichholtz It all […]

Our Top 5 Designs The Value Of Bespoke Furniture

Our Top 5 Designs The Value of Bespoke Furniture Ordering a bespoke sofa from Oliver Matthews is an extraordinary experience. We have been making bespoke sofas and chairs in our Buckinghamshire workshop from more than 60 years. Over the decades, we have provided customers with top-notch furniture design backed by superior craftsmanship and the highest […]

Leather Or Fabric Sofas

Leather or Fabric Sofas Let’s Explore the Deciding Factors Investing in well-made furniture, including bespoke sofas, involves a series of important decisions. For example, what colour would be the best fit with your interior design; should you go for classic shapes or contemporary designs; and how can you gauge furniture dimensions to ensure that pieces […]

Our Guide To Contemporary Sofa Styling

Our Guide to Contemporary Sofa Styling Finding the right sofa to suit your style can be difficult, especially when you’re not sure what your style is. Here’s our guide to contemporary sofas, to help you find the best sofa for you and your space. Shop Sofas and Chairs Taking centre stage With contemporary design, the […]